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Welcome to Raw Bandwidth's Web access to Email

This site is for customer access to email stored on our mail servers only. If you have a shell account, you can manipulate mailboxes on the server via this site. Mailboxes other than the inbox are subject to your disk quota limits. If you do not have a shell account you will only have access to your single inbox, and the filtered mailbox for our anti-spam filters if you have turned on filtering.

It has always been our intention that this webmail is just for casual remote access. We don't recommend using it as your primary email client; you should instead use a desktop email client running on your own computer. Given this, we have not enabled filtering in the new installation as we've never intended that filtering in the older webmail be used. We're considering whether to enable it in the future, but for now it's not available. Please use our general spam filtering. which works for all methods of email access (POP, IMAP, and webmail). Some other minor features are also intentionally disabled, and we'll continue tweaking the setup to either fix or disable other features as quirks are uncovered.

IMPORTANT August 25, 2008: This is a newly upgraded version of IMP Webmail. If you have any problems, please email if possible. Please only call for support if you can't send/receive email, see our website for all contact info

UPGRADE DATA IMPORT NOTES: We imported identies, preferences, and address books from the previous version, however there were substantial changes to this data between versions. We're not sure if identities and preferences completely imported. You should review all program Options to ensure your settings are as you like them, and to make sure your identities are correct. Furthermore, with the address book, we know that some fields were changed; in particular, you'll find that any names are loaded entirely into the Last Name field (the field is split into separate First and Last names in the new version), and any Home or Work Addresses were loaded entirely into the Street field (these two were split into multiple pieces in the new version). Please review your address book and make adjustments to these fields.

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