More info about Raw Bandwidth's webmail:

To begin using this webmail, you'll need to setup your identity in the Settings menu with your full name, and add any additional identities for your own custom domain email addresses if you want to send email from them via this webmail. If you have any server-side folders, you'll also need to go to Settings->Folders and subscribe to them to make them visible (toggle the switch next to each of them).
If you have contacts or other data in the old Horde/IMP, we may be able to extract them for you, but it would be preferable if you recreate what you need. Email support below if you really want to recover that sort of information; there are no guarantees as generally people using those were not following the long-stated policy that our webmail not be a primary email client, only for casual remote access.
If you have a shell account, you can manipulate mailboxes on the server via this site. Mailboxes other than the inbox are subject to your disk quota limits.
If you do not have a shell account, you will only have access to your single inbox, and the filtered mailbox for our anti-spam filters if you have turned on filtering.
The available features of this webmail may be adjusted over time. Again, we do not encourage you to use this for your main email client; it is only intended for casual remote access, ie. occasional convenience, and support will be very limited.
For support or to report issues, pleae email
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This page last updated September 5, 2022